Parking is limited to the Santa Fe Art District. Please park in designated lots, or in near by neighborhoods. Sundays are FREE days in Denver


Hotel Options:



Hilton Garden Inn Downtown

5 minute taxi/uber

(303) 772-2322

1201 Broadway Street

SUNDAY SEPT. 16, 2018

Denver, Colorado

1400 Welton Street


The Space Gallery


8 Block Walk

The Space Gallery

The ART Hotel

685 Speer Blvd

(303) 603-8000

Denver CO 80204

Towne Place w/ Marriot


The Space Gallery 

(303) 572-8000

5 minute taxi/uber

400 Santa Fe Blvd.  

The Space Gallery is one of the largest indoor/outdoor art galleries and also one of the most elegant, creative EXPO convention spaces in Denver. Situated in the heart of the ART DISTRICT of Denver, it has an "industrial" feel, yet modern look.               

​Denver, CO. 80204 

400 Santa Fe Blvd.