SUNDAY SEPT. 16, 2018

Denver, Colorado

Food Companies - (cakes, cookies, energy bars...)

OPEN Alcohol Bar - (For those 21+ older) Attendees get 2 Free Alcoholic Drinks 

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Local Coffee Houses - (owners, baristas, sampling...) 

Many shops now roast many of their own beans....but did you know many local roasters sell their beans around the USA and even Internationally! Come chat with roasters to see how it is all done, created, packaged and distributed. Many will be selling their products right on-site.

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Mobile: (303) 960-6847

New in 2018 - The Colorado Coffee Expo and Festival will be partnering with Design by Freedom in 2018 and beyond​.  In the coming years our goal is to transition to a zero waste event.  Waste is a silent epidemic and as a company, we want to be a part of the solution.  Eventually, we'll showcase events that are zero waste and we'll be doing so with the help of Design by Freedom.  They offer tangible solutions for addressing the waste problem in everyday life and we're excited to be working with them.  We aim to jointly take this message to our patrons in 2018 and beyond.  You can find their booth at the Expo and leanr about their biodegradable coffee sleeve.


Manufacturers - (appliances, grinders, portable machines...) 

Several local beer companies, distributors and sales reps will be at the Festival for you to try coffee flavored beer, ciders, liqueur, and other "morning drinks...such as a Bloody Mary from Treeline, a marmosa from Califia or a screwdriver from Drake' Vodka

            (Every paid attendee will receive 2 tickets for beverages on-site)

Colorado is home to 100s of the nation's best food companies that sell and service the 1,000s of coffee houses around the USA...stop by any of the booths to grab a sample and learn more about the product before you buy it at your next coffee shop.

Beverage Companies - (soda, tea, chai, milk, energy...) 


       40+ Local & National Vendors 

Over 40 local and national suppliers, manufactures, and food vendors who supply all the local coffee shops will be on hand to meet, greet and to promote and sample their products. This is a great way for "The Public"  to get to know more about the products that are sold in their local coffee houses. All samples and drinks are FREE and included in your ticket entry. EXPO is located indoor and outdoors.

Roasting Companies - (learn what makes each so different...) 

Come check out the latest and greatest for in-home brewing including more information on Machines, Processes, Cups, Water, Thermoses, Milk....there so many different factors that go into creating the perfect cup of coffee for YOU.

Several local and regional coffee houses will be onsite making their favorite coffee drinks and showing the different ways to brew, pour and serve. FREE to sample. Open forum to ask questions, learn about different brewing Techniques/Types...Aeropress, Softbrew, Turkish, Nitrous, French Press, Percolator...

Coffee shops offer more than just coffee at their locations. The expo will have several other beverage companies on hand that are sold in your neighborhood store. From sodas, to energy drinks and teas...there IS more than just coffee in the World! 

The EXPO is INDOORS and OUTDOORS...please dress accordingly to be inside and outside. There will be a small fire pit to stay warm and grab some hot chocolate and a marshmallow to roast.