Each local coffee shop is being encouraged to bring their T-shirts to sell at the event...other unique items from each shop will also be available including: Mugs, Glasses, Accessories and other coffee sale items....COME to SHOP!

OPEN CASH BAR - (Beer, Liquor, Drinks...) 

LECTURES - (from industry leaders and sales reps) 



​Mobile: (303) 931.5306


Included in your entry, depending when you arrive, we will have a a FREE meal for you to enjoy from our many Colorado based companies.

BREAKFAST:   9:30am - 11:30am

LUNCH:             12:30am - 2:30pm



Coffee flavored drinks come in many different varieties, as well as alcohol that goes well with coffee. All attendees get 1 FREE Beverage, but the cash bar wil remain open throughout the day for you and your friends to relax and listen to music all day.

SUNDAY SEPT. 16, 2018

Denver, Colorado

SHOPPING - (Coffee Grounds, T-shirts, Mugs etc...) 

Every Hour on the main stage we will host an mix of local and national professionals to discuss topics of coffee and beverages. From what to look for in a espresso machine, how to roast your own beans, or the effects of caffeine on your body during sport activities.

MUG SWAP - (bring your old mugs to swap) 

Your coffee cup is a part of your "Personality"...but do you have a few sitting in your cupboards you really don't use to often....bring a few of your own and SWAP with attendees and local shops.

Over 35 local and national suppliers, manufactures, and food vendors who supply all the lcoal coffee shops will be on hand to meet and greet and to promote and sample their products. This is a great way "The Public"  to get to know more about the products that are sold in their local coffee houses. All samples and drinks are FREE and included in your ticket entry. EXPO is located indoor and outdoors.


              (free to all attendees)


Or Contact Us Directly:

DAN COSTELLO    Dan@EnduranceSportsMarketing.com

Mobile: (303) 960-6847

UN-LIMITED COFFEE- sample from the many roasters and coffee shops on hand to try their favorite style of coffee, or favorite roast...all you can handle. We encourage you use your FREE coffee mug given to attendees when they arrive. ( Cup Tags Provided)

To have a booth at the EXPO or be on our LECTURE PANEL, Please click here: